It’s Necessary To Have A Properly Working AC In Sparks

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Contractors

Nevada has temperatures that require a properly working air conditioning system. The insulation in the home and space that’s available in a home will determine what type of air conditioning system they will need to keep them comfortable and energy costs as low as possible. Even if a home or business air conditioning system is newer, it must be properly maintained and serviced to keep it operating at peak performance and extend the life of the unit. Heating and cooling typically use about 50% of a structure’s energy costs and a properly operating system will keep this cost as low as possible.

How Long Do Most Air Conditioning Systems Last?

On average, an air conditioning system that is properly maintained will last approximately ten to fifteen years. Air conditioners that are used part of the year will tend to last longer than one that operates almost all year around. The desert air can take its toll on an air conditioning system and yearly service on the unit is necessary.

Signs An Air Conditioner Needs To Be Replaced

When an AC in Sparks requires more frequent repairs, it is usually time to have it replaced by a highly-trained technician that works for a reputable HVAC company. The lack of cold air in a home or operating longer to cool a space could be a result of coolant levels or could mean it needs to be replaced. Loud noises coming from the unit or when it seems to be operating rougher than before is another sign a new air conditioner is needed.

Helpful Tips To Keep An Air Conditioner Last

The ductwork in a home or business should be properly sealed so it doesn’t leak chilled air into the walls or other areas that the cooler air shouldn’t be. Tinting the windows in a home or business can reduce the sun’s rays from causing excessive heat in a structure. Routinely changing or cleaning an air filter will reduce the work an air conditioner has to do when the air can flow freely.

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