Noises Your HVAC Unit Makes: Does It Mean Replacing Your Unit?

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The driver taking his car in for the smallest sound knows that sound will turn into a massive repair down the road. Although today’s HVAC systems are made to run silent, a noise means a major hiccup along the way. Are you searching for “HVAC near me in Ravenswood“? And what kind of sounds should you be looking for before you make a call to HVAC technicians?


Humming is most likely a vibration. This could be something loose, wiring, or an issue with your refrigerant piping. Something wrong manifests in humming then turn into screaming before too long. So, it’s a good idea to have it checked.


Buzzing is the next step up from humming and could mean a loose or unbalanced fan blade, a bad or unbalanced blower, refrigerant leaks, a fan motor on the verge of failing or other loose parts.

Bang and Clank

These are signs that something is loose or is about to break. The blower, compressor, and fan are usually the culprits. Have your unit checked out before it gets worse.


When you hear squeaks and squeals through the ducts, chances are good the fan and blower are on their way out. Some units always sound like this when they start up. You should call an HVAC technician when you hear these squealing sounds by doing on online search for an “HVAC near me in Ravenswood.” It could prevent the squeals from becoming screams.


Screaming is dangerous. When pressure builds up inside something, it screams. When refrigerant leaks, the A/C not only screams but it’s unhealthy for the family. The A/C might turn itself off. This means a sensor is on the job and working for your best interest.

Turn off the A/C immediately. This stops the problem from getting worse and costing you everything for repair bills. Call American Home Heating & Air Conditioning. We will get your machine running as soon as possible.

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