Your Options for Residential Air Conditioner Installation in Schertz

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Air Conditioning

Deciding on an air conditioning system can depend on several variables; namely, the layout of your home, your personal preference, and the presence of an existing system, among other factors. Whether you are replacing the system or installing one in a building for the first time, you have a couple different options.

Split Systems

Split systems rely on the collaboration of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit to distribute cool air through a complex ducting system, and these are extremely common when it comes to residential air conditioner installation. Their efficiency levels are typically the highest, and they can be optimized by replacing old equipment with newer equipment.

When discussing the replacement of equipment, you also must consider the ductwork, which you can either replace or have cleaned. Often times, new equipment can be attached to existing ductwork, and the technicians at All Service Air Conditioning & Heating will be able to determine the most appropriate route and perform the necessary work.


Alternatively, residential air conditioner installation in Schertz may include mini-split installations. Unlike traditional split systems, mini-splits are smaller, simplified, and actually quite versatile in their application.

They are installed directly into the wall of a given room, and they don’t require any ductwork, which makes for a much simpler residential air conditioner installation. Install them in far-off rooms where your split-system AC doesn’t reach or install several throughout the home and eliminate the need for a split system entirely. They are relatively small and exist independently, so they are easy to install in any room.

Smart Thermostat

For even greater control over your system and further improved energy-efficiency, you can install programmable smart thermostats that optimize temperature control and make it easier to cut down on energy usage. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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