Potential Problems With Your HVAC System

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When your air conditioner does not keep your home cool, or your furnace fails to do its job, as a homeowner you have reason to be concerned. A faulty heating and cooling system can mean expensive repairs along with uncomfortable hours waiting for the service technician to arrive.

Problems with heating and cooling in Dupage County are not always as bad as you might first think. Often, filters clogged with dust and debris and dead batteries in the thermostat are examples of problems that can at first; appear serious.

  • Dirty filter: If your HVAC system does not seem to be doing the job, the first thing to do is replace the filter. For the system to work efficiently there must be a free flow of air; if the filter is clogged, proper airflow will be prevented. Dirty filters also make your system work harder; this results in high-energy costs, shorter service life and a greater potential for serious damage to the equipment. A good rule of thumb is to replace the filter every month.
  • Thermostat problem: If your system fails to respond, the underlying problem may be the thermostat. There are a couple of possible issues; one is that you have the settings wrong; the second and more common problem is failed batteries. Remove the front cover of the thermostat and replace the batteries, look for dust that may be clogging the works, then check to ensure there are no broken connections. If you have no luck with these quick fixes, it is time to call a technician that repairs heating and cooling in Dupage County.

If the problem is not a dirty filter or bad batteries in the thermostat, then chances are it is a mechanical issue. When this happens, leave the problem in the hands of professionals. Heating and cooling equipment is complicated; repair is best done by seasoned pros.

Repair and maintenance of equipment used for heating and cooling in Dupage County is something that should be left for professionals. If your HVAC system is acting up, contact the pros at website.

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