Preventing Mold Growth in Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO

by | Feb 1, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Multiple factors can cause mold to grow in commercial facilities, but air conditioning equipment is a prime suspect. A building’s Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO, including drain pans and pipes, can encourage mold to grow and spread throughout the premises. By understanding how a heating and cooling system can cause mold issues, building owners stand a greater chance of preventing these problems.

Understanding the Nature of the Issue

Indoor mold growth becomes an issue when it’s visible or accelerated. Mold needs food, water, and the right temperature to thrive, and the indoor environment has plenty for it to feed on. Carpeting, drywall, wood, fabric, and paper are all good food sources for mold, and most buildings remain at a temperature that is conducive to the spread of mold.

To control mold, a manager needs to eliminate or reduce indoor moisture. Active mold growth can cause irritation to workers and customers, increasing the chance of respiratory distress. Many try to kill mold with cleaners and biocides, and while the mold may die, the problem doesn’t go away. Leaving dead mold in the HVAC system can decrease indoor air quality; that’s why it is important for managers to create and follow a plan to reduce HVAC mold growth. Visit here to get more information.

Looking Closer at the HVAC System

The maintenance, design, and installation of a facility’s HVAC system can help to control indoor mold. These systems affect condensation, and they can spread mold throughout a building. Poor design or maintenance can foster mold growth, and the following components should periodically be assessed.

*      Drain pans and coils

*      Dehumidifiers

*      Air dampers

*      Air filters

*      Ducts

While maintenance is vital, nothing is more important than the proper design and usage of a building’s air conditioning system. To maintain indoor air quality, managers must develop a plan to prevent mold growth within Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO. Declines in performance, efficiency, poor installation and shoddy maintenance can all help to spread mold, but there are ways to prevent it. By hiring Courtney’s Heating & Cooling, building owners can keep their systems running efficiently while stopping the spread of mold.

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