Problems Often Discovered During AC Diagnostics in San Marcos TX

by | Jun 25, 2018 | AC Repair

There’s no better feeling than being inside a cool home on a hot day. If the air conditioner suddenly stops working, however, the environment can quickly become unbearably hot. There are many different problems often caught during AC diagnostics in San Marcos TX.

The Unit Won’t Turn On

When the AC no longer turns on, a few things could be to blame. A blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker could be the culprit. Fuses are inexpensive to replace, and the breaker can be reset. If the breaker continues to trip, call out an electrician to further investigate.

An air conditioner also won’t turn on if the wiring is loose or broken. Call out a technician to inspect all of the connections. A malfunctioning thermostat may also be to blame. In this instance, replacing the thermostat should resolve the issue.

Not Properly Cooling

If the air conditioner is running, but the air isn’t getting cool, it’s time to check the refrigerant. Low refrigerant levels will prevent the unit from properly cooling. Look for leaks in the hoses. It’s not uncommon to locate several small leaks.

A problem with compressor may also cause the unit to put out warm air. Even a dirty air filter may eventually damage the coils, preventing the unit from properly cooling. Calling a service that offers AC diagnostics in San Marcos TX is the best way to determine the source of the problem.

Temperature Not Consistent

Ideally, the air conditioner will keep every room in the house at the same temperature. If this doesn’t happen, it’s time to have someone check out the ducts. Tear or leaks in the ductwork will prevent air from properly circulating throughout the house.

Homeowners should consider having their ducts cleaned out every year. During this service, the technician should also look for signs of damage to the ductwork. Airflow will be better once the ducts have been properly cleaned.

Before a problem arises with the air conditioner, be sure to have it looked over by an expert. It’s easier and cheaper to fix minor problems before they grow into something more complicated. Browse our website to learn about different preventative services offered on air conditioners.

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