The Most Common Signs ThatProfessional Furnace Repair In Derby, KS Is Warranted

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The heating system of a home is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in any weather but, as with any mechanical device, there are times when components may go awry and require professional diagnostic and repair work. HVAC companies are trained in furnace repair in Derby KS and will have any heating system up and running reliably in no time. The following is a look at just three of the many signs that indicate the need for expert repair services.

Inefficient Fuel Use

Most furnace systems run on a petroleum-based fuel source, and if the unit is not operating efficiently, it may lead to waste and excessive heating expenses. If a homeowner notices they are using a substantial amount of fuel that isn’t due to unusual weather patterns, it may be an issue with the burner system. Contact a professional and let them inspect the various components of the system and determine if a faulty part is the cause of an inefficient system.

Untreated Air

As the air is treated by a heating system, it is sent through the duct system of the home, and the air coming from the vents should be warm. If the air coming from the vents isn’t treated and is cold, it may be due to an underlying issue. A company that provides furnace repair in Derby KS will have the tools to determine what is causing the problem and make the needed repairs to keep a home toasty all winter long.

Unusual Sounds or Odors

A furnace shouldn’t produce any unusual sounds or smells when operating, and most homeowners report the only sound they hear during operation is that of air moving through the ductwork system. If a system produces any loud screeching noises or if anyone in the home notices a gas or burning smell, the system should be shut down until it is inspected. It could be an issue related to the air blower or the exhaust system, which makes operation dangerous.

An HVAC company offers 24/7 service and will streamline the process of maintaining a whole-home heating system. The team at Kelley and Dawson has more than 50 years of experience and will ensure a home is ready for the next winter’s harsh weather. Visit our website to learn more and schedule a heating inspection today.

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