Reasons to Maintain Heating and Cooling in Kitsap County

by | May 4, 2016 | Heating & Cooling

Many homeowners put off their annual HVAC maintenance, but it’s more vital than one may think. Once a customer learns the reasons for regular service on a heating and cooling unit, they will never delay it again. Read on to learn why it’s important to have an AC unit serviced at least twice per year.

Why is Proper Maintenance So Essential?

Preventive maintenance is intended to keep a residential HVAC system running efficiently with no sudden failures. Most homeowners don’t often look at the system, and it’s easy to neglect it. Regardless of manufacturer claims or system type, all systems eventually need repairs. Homeowners can reduce the need for expensive repairs with proper annual maintenance.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance

Some homeowners may not know what type of heating and cooling in Kitsap County to expect from a freshly tuned HVAC system, and they may wonder if maintenance is a worthwhile expense. Some of the most visible benefits are:

• Utility bill savings. Some assume that the system is working because it’s cooling the home. However, monthly energy bills can tell the real story. A neglected HVAC system gradually loses the ability to run efficiently, and systems use less electricity after being serviced.

• Fewer repairs. If a homeowner calls an HVAC pro at the first sign of trouble, they can catch small problems before they get bigger. Annual maintenance can pay for itself by reducing the need for expensive repairs.

• Less chance of complete failure. Everyone wants a hassle-free heating and cooling season, and it’s inconvenient when equipment fails. If the system is inspected yearly, the chances of catastrophic failure are greatly reduced.

DIY Maintenance Tasks

Homeowners should have maintenance done twice per year: once in the spring for cooling equipment, and once in fall for the heating system. Homes equipped with heat pumps should have twice yearly maintenance as well. Homeowners can change the air filter each month, and they can keep outdoor units clear of debris.

When Maintenance Should be Left to the Professionals

Many area homeowners may wonder why they can’t do a tune-up at home. Proper HVAC maintenance requires knowledge, tools and skills held only by experienced contractors. Call in a pro to tighten connections, check thermostat calibration, lubricate moving parts or clean out the condensate drain. By calling Quality Heating Electrical & AC, a homeowner can be assured that their system will continue to offer efficient Heating And Cooling Kitsap County.

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