Saving On Heating And Air Conditioning Kitsap County

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Energy costs can build up rather quickly if steps are not taken to try to conserve it. There are several ways households can save on the amount spent on heating and air conditioning. Some of these simple steps can end up making bills substantially lower.

It is a good idea to check all windows and doors for areas where drafts are present. This can be done by using a candle or a lit incense stick. Hold the item a few inches away from the exterior of a door or window and slowly move it around the perimeter. If flickering is noticed, that spot is in need of attention. Any drafts can be stopped by filling in the void with caulk, weather-stripping or expandable foam. Inside the home, place a door draft stopper up against the bottom of any doors to help keep heat or air conditioning inside.

When using Heating And Air Conditioning Kitsap County, it is a good idea to make sure windows are covered so it does not get lost through glass panes. Curtains or draperies can be placed over windows to help contain heat or air conditioning. Shrinkable plastic can be placed over the glass panes to help with efficiency as well. This is applied by peeling and sticking over the glass. It is then heated with a hair dryer. This will give windows and added layer of protection.

Make sure to close heating vents in any rooms not being utilized during winter months. Keep doors shut to unused room so heat or air conditioning will be directed into areas where it is needed. Consider turning the thermostat down a degree or two in the winter and up a degree or two in the summer. This slight change in settings will allow less usage of energy sources, saving money as a result.

If someone needs further information about how to save money on Heating And Air Conditioning Kitsap County, they can look at a reputable service dealing in these energy sources. we is a great page to find out tips about money saving methods. A service call can also be made if necessary.

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