Schedule Air Conditioning Repair In Minnetonka Before The Hot Weather Arrives

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Were your energy bills higher than normal last summer? Was your home warmer in one room than another? Did you keep turning down the thermostat lower than normal? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to place a call for Air Conditioning Repair in Minnetonka. These are all signs that something is not working properly in the air conditioning unit. Now is a great time to have an air conditioner inspected and repaired before the hot weather arrives. Air conditioning systems benefit from routine yearly maintenance. Even if a homeowner hasn’t had maintenance in the past, they can start a regular maintenance schedule as soon as the air conditioning unit has been repaired.

When an air conditioning unit is connected to a heating system, the filter will need to be changed frequently. A clean filter helps to let the air flow freely through the system. Outside air conditioning units should be checked for signs of wear, disconnected electrical components, sensor viability, and many other items. Coils for the unit should be cleaned so they don’t overheat. The refrigerant in a unit could have developed a leak and should be checked. If the unit is low on refrigerant, a technician can replenish it. During the summer and fall months, grass, leaves, and sticks can enter the area around an air conditioner. It’s very important to remove these items and thoroughly clean the unit.

The drain tube on the air conditioner removes the moisture collected during operation. This tube should be checked for any cracks or clogs that can develop. Improper drainage of the water can result in the unit not working. Air Conditioning Repair in Minnetonka can resolve many issues a homeowner has with their unit. They can quickly diagnose a problem and offer an affordable solution for repair.

Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning can provide 24-hour emergency service for both heating and air conditioning problems. They offer outstanding maintenance plans to keep your HVAC at peak performance throughout the year. There’s no need to pay higher than normal energy bills this summer or be uncomfortable with the heat. Please feel free to Visit the website for more information.

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