Schedule a Cooling and Heating Service in Madison, AL to Maintain In-Home Comfort

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

No one likes to freeze in the winter in his or her home nor does anyone like to feel too warm in the summertime. You can avoid these uncomfortable situations when you contact a contractor to routinely inspect your heating and cooling system.

Increased Safety

By scheduling a cooling and heating service in Madison, AL twice a year, you can experience several advantages that you otherwise may not experience at all. One of these advantages is increased safety, which is important if you want to avoid any problems with carbon monoxide emissions.

Changing the Filter

Biannual checks enable you to have your system cleaned as well as have all the parts inspected at the same time. In return, you will enjoy enhanced safety and improved air quality in your home. Along with an inspection, the furnace filter is also changed, which gets rid of trapped allergens, dirt, and pollen.

Outside of having a cooling and heating service and inspection, you can perform some preventative maintenance yourself. If you have a disposable filter or have not changed a filter before, ask the heating and cooling technician to show you how to perform the routine. A one-inch filter is normally changed monthly. If your filter is a high-efficiency filter, it may be better to have the technician make the switch. The filter is changed less frequently, normally once or twice a year.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Indeed, by taking advantage of a cooling and heating service and inspection, you can improve your quality of life and reduce your energy costs. When you never practice preventative maintenance, you can run into major future repair problems. Do not risk having your AC or furnace shut down. Make it a habit to contact a heating and cooling professional to take care of your maintenance needs.

Who to Phone

Contact a company such as Southern Comfort HVAC LLC for further details about inspections and servicing. Do not wait for a breakdown to make the call.

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