Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Santa Rosa

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Air Conditioning

Homeowners often ignore their air conditioning units, waiting until a complete breakdown before calling for air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa. However, if you identify a problem early, you can reduce repair costs and avoid going without air conditioning. The following signs indicate you should call the professionals to inspect your unit.

Uneven Cooling

Sometimes your air conditioner works but doesn’t cool your home evenly. You may find some rooms are at the correct temperature while others are sweltering. You may need air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa to resolve the problem. The issue often occurs in ducts, but your HVAC professionals can locate the issue and provide prompt repairs.

Leaking Water

An air conditioner releases water during operation but should go through the appropriate channels. If you notice water pooling around your system, it may be time for air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa. Water leaks can cause significant water damage and impact your air conditioner’s operation. Prompt repairs are essential to maintain functionality.

Ice Build-Up

Your air conditioner is designed to keep your house cool during the summer. However, it shouldn’t develop ice on the components. Check your system regularly to determine if there’s ice build-up. This build-up can significantly affect your system’s functionality and requires prompt attention.

If you think you need air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa, contact the Accurate Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment.

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