Simple Filter-Changing Tips for Central Air Conditioners in Oklahoma

by | May 19, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

For numerous households, air conditioning is a primary factor in creating a comfortable home environment. This appliance treats indoor air so it’s breathable by being as free of contaminants as possible. To do this and extend the serviceable life of an AC unit, it’s necessary to regularly change the filter on central air conditioners in Oklahoma.. The following tips can make this task easier and more efficient.

To prolong the functionality of an air conditioner’s components such as the evaporator coil and blower, a central AC unit should ideally have its filter changed once a month. This should be done more frequently when pets are in a home or an individual lives in an area with elevated outdoor toxins. Start by choosing whether to use a reusable filter or disposable filter. A reusable filter will need to be cleaned, dried, and put back into its compartment periodically. A disposable filter can be discarded when it’s time to change it.

Start the filter-changing process by locating the filter compartment. This area is often located at the air return register, the attic air handler, or the basement air handler. Once locating this section, remove the cover. Fasteners may be used to keep it in place. Set these items to the side. Remove the filter. Handle this device with care so the contents in its surface are not disturbed. Place the filter to the side. Using the hand attachment on a vacuum, clean the filter compartment.

Insert a new disposable filter. Arrows on the filter should help move it into the proper position. A reusable filter should be taken outside and cleaned with a garden hose. It may be necessary to use a sponge and household cleaner to remove dirt and grime from the filter. Allow this device to dry and replace it in the filter compartment. Put the fasteners and compartment cover back in place. When there is a question about filters or central air conditioners in OK, please talk to a specialist at Drabek & Hill Inc. or visit This company offers residential and commercial services such as repairs and maintenance.

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