Steps to get an Air Conditioner in Oklahoma City OK Ready for Summer

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

As summer approaches, many people are planning on spending more time outdoors. However, when the heat gets to be too much, they retreat inside to enjoy their cool and comfortable home. If the air conditioning system is not properly prepped for the hotter months of the year, then homeowners may soon discover the system isn’t working like it should. This can leave them sweating and waiting for the repair service to arrive.

The good news is, there are some steps that can be taken now to ensure an air conditioner in Oklahoma City, OK is ready for the summer months. Knowing what these things are is beneficial.

Check the Belts and Fan

Take a look at the fan belts on the condenser, as well as the fan itself. Does it look frayed? These parts are easy to replace. Just make sure that when new ones are installed, the tension is adjusted to allow enough slack. If a homeowner is unsure how to do this themselves, they should hire the professionals.

Clean or Replace the Filter

An extremely important part of maintenance for an air conditioner in Oklahoma City, OK is to clean or replace the filter regularly. Some filters last three months, while others only last a month. Regardless of how long it lasts, make sure it is changed. A dirty filter will not effectively remove dirt and debris from the air and may eventually cause the system to work inefficiently. If this problem persists, it can result in a complete breakdown of the system.

The Coils and Coil Fins

Commercial coil cleaners are available at most hardware stores. They can be applied with a sprayer and used to clean the system’s coils. It is also a good idea to check the coil fins and make sure they are straight. This can be done with a pointed stick or plastic fin comb. It is important because if the coil fins are bent, the system will not circulate air efficiently.

Taking the time to clean and maintain an AC system before summer arrives is the best way to ensure a home will remain cool and comfortable. If a homeowner needs more information about this care and maintenance, they can visit the website. Being informed ensures an AC system continues working properly.

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