Strategies to Delay the Need for Furnace Repair in Springfield, Missouri

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Heating & Air conditioning

It’s almost inevitable that homeowners will eventually need Furnace Repair in Springfield, Missouri. As with other mechanical equipment, parts begin to wear out over time. Especially when an appliance is used as regularly as a furnace. During certain times of year, a lot of demand is placed on the heating system. Homeowners can delay the need for emergency furnace repair by following certain strategies.

Having a heating and cooling technician perform annual maintenance and inspection on the furnace is a primary method for preventing emergency repair needs. By the time a furnace is several years old, it may start requiring replacement of some components. The technician can identify problem areas during the inspection and replace parts at that time. This helps homeowners avoid the unpleasant occurrence of the furnace malfunctioning on a cold winter weekend.

Changing the furnace filter as recommended allows the appliance to work more efficiently. Furnaces with dirty, clogged filters run longer to keep the house at the specified temperature. Technicians with a service such as Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning are no strangers to excessively dirty furnace filters that are covered with dust and pet hair. In addition, regularly cleaning the return air vents throughout the house prevents various types of debris from going into the ducts and reaching the filter.

Reducing furnace use as much as possible also increases its longevity and delays a need for Furnace Repair in Springfield, Missouri. This doesn’t mean keeping the house at an uncomfortably chilly temperature or resorting to using space heaters instead of running the furnace. Instead, it means taking reasonable steps to decrease furnace usage.

For instance, lowering the thermostat before leaving for several hours not only is beneficial for the appliance but cuts heat bills. Allowing the sun to shine in through the west and south windows provides some natural heat. Closing drapes and blinds at night when the weather is cold and windy also holds heat inside. If the windows are old and drafty, covering them with lightweight plastic sheeting before winter arrives will reduce the amount of time the furnace has to run.

Jon Wayne Heating & Air is a customer-focused heating and air company offering furnace repair in Springfield, Missouri and nearby areas.

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