Three Simple Mistakes That Can Ruin Your AC

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Many people neglect to perform the proper maintenance and service that their AC unit requires and, as a result, they end up dealing with issues and repairs that could have been avoided. Even if you are a conscientious consumer and you try to provide all necessary maintenance, you might be making a simple mistake that is sabotaging your unit. If you want to avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair in Fayetteville, you should also avoid these costly mistakes.

The Unit Is in the Sun

Some homeowners make the mistake of placing their AC unit in a room that receives direct sunlight. When you do this, you boost the temperature of the unit and force it to overcompensate for the heat. This overworking will cause your energy bills to rise, and it can also subject the unit to unnecessary wear and tear. Eventually, this situation may require air conditioning repair in Fayetteville that could have potentially been avoided.

The Thermostat Is Set Wrong

AC units that include a programmable thermostat must be programmed correctly in order to be effective. If yours is set incorrectly, it may cause the unit to overcompensate and incur avoidable wear and tear. This is similar to the problem caused by direct sunlight, and you can avoid both issues by placing your unit or its thermostat in a cooler place.

The Compressor Is Crowded

Outdoor AC units can have problems, too. If yours happens to be placed near plants or growth of any other kind, this can cause the compressor to become crowded. In order to properly function, ventilation and airflow are necessary, but shrubbery can block this and cause problems. A minimum of two to three feet clearance should be kept around the sides of the unit, and there should be five feet of clearance above it. If the compressor becomes damaged, you might find yourself scheduling air conditioning repair in Fayetteville. Visit the website for more information.

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