Upgrade to a New Residential AC Installation in Loughman FL

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

For residents of Polk County, a central air conditioner is a necessity. This hot, humid region typically endures average high temperatures in the nineties from May through September. An above normal amount of rainfall can also make living conditions quite uncomfortable without a properly functioning cooling system. While some homeowners may be hesitant to purchase a new model, existing units older than 15 years tend to operate less efficiently. Upgrading to a new Residential AC Installation in Loughman FL can provide a household with additional comfort while reducing monthly cooling costs.

Advantages of Installing a New System

While most customers appreciate the additional comfort a new model offers, there are numerous other benefits beyond providing a relaxing indoor environment. Better energy efficiency is one of the top reasons for replacing an older AC unit. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing an air conditioner that is just 10 years old may result in a 20 to 40 percent reduction on monthly cooling costs. With the average lifespan of an AC model ranging from 15 to 20 years, replacing an older unit can result in even more savings.

Boost Indoor Air Quality

An older air conditioner not only requires more energy to operate, but it can cause respiratory problems too when mildew grow occurs. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing the air filter, helps to minimize the amount of allergens and other contaminants that enter a home. Even with routine care, an outdated unit cannot provide the same amount of health benefits as a newer model.

Enjoy a Quieter System

Although it may not be related to performance, scheduling a Residential AC Installation in Loughman FL can provide a quieter operating system. On a hot summer day when the unit is frequently in use, a noisy system can become very annoying, especially when turning on or off. Most quality newer models tend to produce a low humming sound that is barely noticeable. This can be extremely beneficial for households with young children that regularly nap during the day.

To learn more about selecting a new residential air conditioner or to schedule an appointment for repairs, Visit Watts AC today. Serving the communities of Loughman, Davenport and Haines City since 1979, this family-owned business offers affordable pricing and quality heating and cooling products.

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