Why Furnace Replacement in Ferndale WA Is Not a Suitable Do-it-Yourself Project

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When homeowners hire a contractor for Furnace Replacement in Ferndale WA, the more experienced technicians are in charge of the project and may bring along an employee who is still mastering all the skills. Although these men and women complete extensive training to become qualified as professional heating and cooling technicians, they benefit from continued training and practice under supervision when they first start out.

The way contractors handle this makes it clear why do-it-yourself furnace replacement in Ferndale WA is very inadvisable, even for homeowners who are quite handy in a variety of projects. They may have watched some online videos and learned how to safely and effectively clean the inside of a furnace, but that’s a much easier job than removing an old one and installing new equipment. It’s not like replacing a refrigerator or a washing machine. Most furnaces run on flammable and explosive fuels, and proper installation is crucial for everyone’s safety.

Cost Considerations

Some individuals are tempted to do their own furnace installation so they can avoid the cost of labor. However, if they wind up having to call a technician for repair service soon afterward, much of the money savings is lost. In addition, they likely will void the furnace warranty if they don’t have a qualified technician do the installation. Manufacturers know that do-it-yourself types sometimes make mistakes during furnace installation that can cause damage to the appliance.

Choosing the Wrong Size

Sometimes well-meaning homeowners decide to complete their own installation and only later understand that the furnace is not the optimum size for their house. It might be too small, forcing the equipment to run longer and more often to warm the building. It might be too large, which results in fast cycling that causes significant wear and tear on the appliance.

Installation can be scheduled with a company such as Lynden Sheet Metal at any time during the year, although it makes sense to have the replacement work completed before the coldest weather sets in. A very old, deteriorated furnace is especially at risk of breaking down when it’s working hard to keep the house warm.

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