3 Signs It’s Time to Call for Furnace Repair Near Des Plaines

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Having a working furnace ensures a household is warm and comfortable when chilly temperatures arrive. Some furnace problems are rather obvious, but others aren’t so straightforward. Below are three signs of impending furnace problems that state it’s time to call for furnace repair near Des Plaines.

Weird Smells

The first time one turns their furnace on for the season it might smell like it’s burning. This is normal because the burners are burning off any debris or dirt that has built up on them since last season. However, the smell shouldn’t last long and it shouldn’t be overwhelming.

If furnace smells continue, and if gaseous odors fill the home, call for furnace repair near Des Plaines right away.

Odd Sounds

Furnaces make noise when they start up because the burners have to ignite. However, when a furnace is working as it should, homeowners shouldn’t even notice the unit turning on and off unless they’re near the unit. If the furnace operates loudly, call a repair tech to come out and inspect the unit for loose parts or mechanical issues.

Uneven Heating

Do some rooms in the home heat better than others? Sometimes this has to do with how much sunshine or shade a particular side of the house gets. Yet, if some rooms always seem colder than others 24/7, this might be a sign that airflow is restricted.

To fix this problem, it’s necessary to have the unit and the ductwork inspections. For concerns about all furnace issues, contact Heatmasters Heating & Cooling via their website to schedule furnace repair near Des Plaines.

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