Deciding Between Furnace Repair & Replacement

by | Jan 16, 2021 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Many people whose homes are heated by a furnace lose money by replacing their furnace when perhaps a few minor repairs could have solved the problem. Some replace their furnace because they simply don’t want to be bothered with repairs. These days, with times being tough in the economy, every nickel saved would help. It would be helpful if the homeowner could know when it is best to repair and when it is best to replace. A contractor that does furnace repair near Evanston offers tips for homeowners.

* Generally, if the furnace is less than 10 years old, chances are the homeowner will come out better by allowing a certified technician to repair the furnace.

* If the furnace is still heating the home satisfactorily, it probably just needs a technician to come out to troubleshoot and correct any outages that are keeping it from operating at top efficiency.

* If it turns out that the cost of repairing the furnace will be less than one-third of the cost of a new furnace, that is probably the best thing to do. This is especially true if the furnace is not even past half of its life expectancy.

* Have the technician check items such as the thermostat, or the duct work, to see if anything can be improved to make the furnace work better.

* Another way to avoid replacing the furnace is to have a furnace technician come out for regular maintenance on the system to catch issues before they become large problems.

* If the furnace is 15 years or older and is causing a lot of problems, or if it is continually breaking down, then a replacement will most likely be the best option.

Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing heating and air conditioning services to the customers near the Evanston. If replacement is what the situation will call for, the contractor offers financing options to make the furnaces affordable. Services are available around the clock, seven days a week. If having trouble deciding between furnace repair and replacement, customers can contact Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning.

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