A Few Things a Heating Maintenance and Repair Company Can Do for You

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Although having your furnace serviced before the winter will not guarantee that it will not break down, it will go a long way to preventing this from happening. The following are a few of the things that furnace maintenance in Chicago can do for your heating system that will keep it running during the winter.

Perform an Inspection

This is critical because there are many parts in a furnace that a technician can see that are near the breaking point. One of the most critical components of a furnace is the heat exchanger. This is the component that the air moves through and is responsible for heating your air. A technician can examine it for cracks or serious deterioration before it stops working. The wiring can be examined to make sure the insulation and the connections show no signs damage. The exhaust will be inspected to determine that it is working properly. Your furnace will be cleaned in the areas that are necessary, and the filter will be changed.

Check Furnace Performance

The burners as well as the pilot light will be checked to make sure they are operating properly. The humidity of the heated air will be checked to make sure it is operating in its proper range. The thermostat will be tested to make sure it is operating within its specifications. Any moving parts will be lubricated where needed to keep your system working well. The intake will be checked for any obstruction and cleared if necessary. A technician will be aware of any particular attributes of your heating system’s make and model, and he or she will make sure that anything related to performance is checked and adjusted when necessary.

Getting furnace maintenance in Chicago once a year will reduce the chance of a needed repair and keep your heating system working in top condition during the winter. Deljo Heating & Cooling can perform this type of maintenance. Information about them can be found on their website.

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