Are You Ready For Air Conditioner Installations in Fort Myers FL?

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Having a new air conditioning system installed brings welcome relief from the onslaught of heat Florida summers bring. Knowing what to expect from the air conditioner installations in Fort Myers FL will help homeowners to prepare their homes and schedule for the process.

How to Prepare the Home

Making a few preparations in the home will help to ensure the installation technicians will be able to do their jobs without any issue. Taking these steps will help to ensure there are no issues that will arise that cause needless delays in the installation process.

Once a homeowner has made their choice and chosen the right system for their home, it is time to prepare for the air conditioner installations in Fort Myers FL. The installation process will typically take about a day, as long as the weather cooperates. With the following steps, a home will be properly prepared for the installation.

• It is helpful if parents make arrangements for their small children and pets. During the installation process, tools and other equipment can be a danger. If small children or pets are in the home, they should be kept away from the technicians as they do their job.

• The vents and registers of the old system should be carefully cleaned. Many homeowners make the wise decision to have their air ducts professionally cleaned before having a new air conditioning system installed so it will not be clogged with dust and debris as the system cycles.

• The areas the technicians will be working on should be free of debris, so they have a clear path to work in. Furniture, plants, toys, and other items should be removed from these areas so the technicians will have plenty of space to operate in.

• The technicians will need access to the back or side yard to replace the outdoor condenser. It is important the driveway and walkways are clear so the technicians can load and unload equipment.

Call For Service

If you are in need of AC system installation, contact Business Name. Allow them to take care of all of your cooling system needs so your home will be cool and comfortable.

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