A Brief Overview of Types of Heating Repairs in Howard County MD

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Technicians are accustomed to performing some of the more common Heating Repairs in Howard County, MD. Two examples would be flame sensors and ignitors. A less common, and also the most expensive type of service, is replacing the blower motor. When that component needs replacement, the customers might start thinking about replacing the whole furnace.

Parts and Labor

Do-it-yourself personalities might look around online to find the components they need and see what the prices are. If they wonder why the estimate from the heating contractor is significantly higher, they must remember that they are also paying for skilled labor and the time it takes to replace parts. It’s similar to getting a vehicle repaired. Buying a water pump, for instance, generally costs less than the labor to have it installed.

Symptoms of Problems

Numerous symptoms can indicate the need for Heating Repairs in Howard County, MD. Strange noises and unusual odors should not be ignored. A furnace that begins running longer than normal on each cycle to maintain the temperature may have developed a problem unless the outside temperature is bitterly cold.

Malfunctions and Insurance

Some men and women wonder whether certain furnace breakdowns are covered by homeowners insurance. This is rarely the case. The malfunction would need to be due to a severe weather event or another incident not related to general wear and tear over time. Furnaces are similar to other equipment with moving parts that are operated frequently in those parts eventually wear out.

The Importance of Annual Tune-Ups

As with a vehicle, a tune-up as recommended by the equipment manufacturer should be scheduled to keep the system running efficiently and to prevent breakdowns. Manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment commonly state in the warranty that routine maintenance is required or the guarantee is void. Homeowners should keep paperwork documenting each time they’ve had this work done.

Furnaces should have annual maintenance during which a technician cleans, adjusts, and inspects the appliance. This can be done by a contractor such as Maryland Heating & Air. If the home has central air conditioning, that unit can be maintained during this appointment too.

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