Calling A Heating Repair Service To Fix A Baseboard Heater

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If someone notices they are not staying warm when they have their baseboard heater on, there may be a problem causing it to work improperly. Many people will call a Heating Repair service to come to the rescue so they can get their home back to the desired temperature. There are a few steps the homeowner can take to try fixing a heating problem on their own before calling a professional for assistance.

It is important to make sure the heater is plugged in and turned on. If the cord appears frayed, it should be unplugged and a repair service should be called before using the heater again as it could be a fire hazard. If the heater’s damper switch is closed, the heat will not emit into the room. Opening it will fix this problem. The thermostat may have been turned to a lower temperature than desired.

If the mechanics of the heating system appear to be in good working order, it should be cleaned out. Debris may be covering the inner coils of the baseboard heater, making it hard for the heat to emit into the home as a result. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any dirt and pet fur from the coils. Check that the fins on the coils are not bent, as this can redirect heat back into the unit rather than into the room. A fin brush can be used to straighten these.

If the heater is blocked by curtains or draperies, the heat will not be able to get into the room effectively. It is important to keep cloth away from the heater as it could catch on fire. If furniture is placed in front of the heater, the heat will remain in one area of the room.

If someone needs to call a Heating Repair service to tend to their baseboard heating system, they can contact a professional in the area. Take a look at a web page like our website to learn more about the services offered and to get contact information for a professional heating service that cares about their customers.

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