Tips for Making Running Air Conditioners in Waterbury, CT Less Expensive

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Summers can be quite hot which, in turn, can make utility bills go up as people turn on the air conditioners. However, there are a few steps homeowners can take to help limit the costs of running Air Conditioners in Waterbury CT.

Add More Shade Around the House

Planting trees and shrubs around the yard that will shade the outside of the home will help limit how hot the home gets, potentially creating a savings of up to 10 percent. Plus, these leafy green plants will add interest to the yard at the same time.

Add Solar Protection to Windows

Another way to limit the heat that enters the house and the amount of time it’s necessary to run Air Conditioners in Waterbury CT to keep the home cool is to add window films that reflect the heat to the windows or install solar screens on the windows facing either west or east in the home.

Consider Fans

Fans help circulate the air, which helps get the cool air where it’s needed and remove any sweat from the skin. This may be enough when the weather’s not extremely hot. Close any windows near where the fan is to avoid blowing hot air entering, and open windows on the other side of the home for the best improvement in air circulation.

Only Cool When Home

Don’t use the air conditioner to keep the home cool when nobody’s home. Those with central air can set the thermostat to keep the home hotter when nobody’s there to be bothered, and those with window air conditioners should turn them off when they leave the house or will not be using the room.

Use Proper Maintenance

Make sure to maintain the air conditioner, including changing the filters as recommended. This will make it more efficient, so it cools more quickly and works better overall.

Limit Cooking

Using the stove and oven adds heat to the home, making it harder to keep it cool. Consider salads, grilled food, and microwaved food when the weather is particularly hot. Besides, who wants to eat something that’s hot when the weather is really hot?

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