Considerations for Residential Landlords Regarding Air Conditioning in Loughman FL

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Even in central and southern Florida, where hot, muggy weather is the norm, air conditioning is legally considered an amenity in regard to residential rental properties. A person who buys property in this region with the intent of renting it to residential tenants still has a couple important points to consider about Air Conditioning in Loughman FL. First, if the building currently does not have central air, having a unit installed is an excellent idea. Second, the landlord is generally responsible for repair work to the unit if it breaks down, and that work should be done promptly.

Competition among landlords in this region tends to be fierce. To keep rental properties filled and prevent turnover, landlords provide as many amenities as possible. Most people consider air conditioning to be imperative in this climate. A property owner who hesitates to have a unit installed due to the initial cost will want to consider the costs of apartments or houses sitting empty. In addition, frequent turnover among tenants is undesirable, as retention eliminates the need for advertising, showing the property and dealing with the collection and return of security deposits.

Although residential Air Conditioning in Loughman FL is legally viewed as a luxury and not an essential feature in rental properties, it becomes one of the legally guaranteed features if it is functional when the tenants move in. The idea is that renters move in expecting the features of the place to remain at the same level of quality, or better, while they are in residence. A landlord who believes he or she can win this battle in court will be disappointed, and may even be required to return some of the rent payment money.

Whether a new property owner wants to have central air installed or needs to get the existing system functioning properly once more, the work can be done by technicians from a company such as Watts Air Conditioning. Tenants will greatly appreciate the climate control during Florida’s frequent hot, humid days. They’ll be more likely to move in and less likely to move out. Click here for information on this particular organization.

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