Do Not Delay Air Conditioning Repair in Appleton, WI

by | Sep 10, 2019 | HVAC

Delaying air conditioning repair in Appleton WI results in many consequences. The first is extra expenditures. This includes repair costs, higher utility bills, and extreme discomfort for the family.

Minor Becomes Major

A noise, for example, will not go away by hitting the unit. The situation may have been remedied by calling a professional for a minor repair. Instead, the repair is more expensive because that noise has become a burned-out motor.

Some delays will result in air conditioner replacement. A struggling unit can only operate for so long before it ceases to operate at all. The new unit may be more energy-efficient long-term but will require the purchase price be paid immediately. In a culture that does not value saving money, this can present a problem.

Increased Bills

An air conditioner in disrepair is not energy efficient. The electric bill will skyrocket when the unit is turned up for more cold air and is running the entire day to meet demands. Add the cost of running fans in every room to keep air circulating and the bill gets even higher.

Other increased costs are more bottled water to maintain proper hydration and higher water bills because members of the family are showering more often to cool off. Entertainment costs are higher because it is too warm in the house to cook, cinemas are cooler than home, and shopping malls have central air conditioning.

Well, the Season is Almost Over Anyway

Late summer is a time when most owners do not bother with air conditioning repair in Appleton WI. They decide the warm weather will be over soon and the air conditioner will be no longer be needed, so why have it repaired? That short-term thinking is unwise because any holes, partially cracked clamps, or issues with moving parts will continue to worsen.

A unit placed in the garage or attic will be affected by the cold winter, which will split hoses, rust clamps, and seize up the motor if repairs are not completed prior to shutting down for the season. One way to avoid this scenario is to participate in a maintenance plan. A plan will include an inspection of the unit before it is shut down for several months. Any minor repairs will be completed at that time. People interested in a plan can contact bob’s quality heating and cooling.

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