Early Warning Signs That Residential Air Conditioning System Repair in Fair Oaks, CA Is Needed

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one modern convenience that has brought much-needed comfort to residents of hot regions like California in recent times. It allows residents to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere even when the outdoor weather conditions are hot, humid, and uncomfortable. Maintenance and occasional system repairs are essential for maintaining comfort, but are there any ways to tell in advance when Residential Air Conditioning System Repair in Fair Oaks CA will be necessary? The quick answer is yes. Below are several warning signs to look for that can help residents avoid the need for emergency repairs.

Thermostat is Not Functioning

If the air conditioner is running continually and causing the indoor environment to become too cold instead of turning on and off as the temperature requires, it’s likely a sign that the thermostat needs to be repaired. This service requires the expertise of a professional, so it’s time to call a repair tech.

System is Using Too Much Energy

Residents that notice a sudden and inexplicable rise in energy bills may be looking at a poorly functioning air conditioning system. Unless there has been an unusual spike in temperatures over a prolonged period of time, a unit should not suddenly begin to consume more energy than usual. It indicates that the unit is not functioning at full efficiency and likely requires professional repairs.

Turning on the AC Trips Circuit Breakers

If the circuit breaker is tripped every time the air conditioner turns on, it likely indicates a short circuit somewhere in the system. In order to prevent overloading the home’s electrical system, it’s important to call a repair technician to determine the source of the energy overload.

It Just Won’t Work

Many residents wait until this is the case to call in a professional, thinking that they are saving themselves money. If the unit is at the point where it simply won’t turn on or won’t produce cold air, the chances are it will require extensive repairs or even a full replacement. “But it turns on sometimes!” Is no excuse. A finicky air conditioner that still works as intended sometimes may be salvageable with appropriate care, but putting off fixing it will likely necessitate spending more money.

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