Extend the Life of Those Comfort Appliances With Superior Heating And Air Conditioning Repair in Hoover

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Air Conditioning

There area variety of ways to treat the air in a home, but very few of them handle both heating and air conditioning. The one system that does these tasks well is an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) appliance. The HVAC typically consists of two cabinets where one is located outside the building and the other somewhere on the inside, usually in an attic or custom closet.

Surprisingly, the two units don’t contain separate functions. That is, the furnace and the AC aren’t contained in individual cabinets. In fact, certain important AC cooling components are a part of the furnace system located inside the home. Some of them perform critical tasks, including the evaporator coil. A design like this can make Heating And Air Conditioning Repair in Hoover a bit easier.

The outdoor cabinet in an HVAC system houses the condensing unit for the air conditioner. One reason this unit is outdoors is the heat that gets released when the air conditioning is operating. Another is the noise. Even highly efficient models still make some noise when compressing the refrigerant. This happens quite often because compression causes a state change in the refrigerant which needs to be recreated regularly.

Converting the refrigerant from gas to liquid form helps move it through the system and into the evaporator coil. This particular coil is placed, so the air from the home is circulated through it. The air is warmer than the temperature of the refrigerant circulating through the coil. This refrigerant removes heat from the air and cycles it outdoors to be released by the condensing coil. This brings up a very important component of Heating And Air Conditioning Repair in Hoover-; checking the coolant level.

The most crucial HVAC service call isn’t due to faulty equipment because this repair is actually a simple service call. Don’t let the name cloud the issue. System service is very important for the longevity of the appliance. System service is the time when an experienced technician inspects the appliance for any signs of developing issues. The depth of the inspection can be fairly minimal, like that required for newer systems, or more in depth when servicing a gas-burning appliance. The difference is the extra hardware required for metering the fuel and igniting a flame. Contact us to learn more about HVAC systems.

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