Heating Contractors in Naples FL Provide Advice About Where to Locate the Furnace on the First Floor

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Many homes in southwestern Florida don’t have basements. People who are planning to move to this area from a different region and want to create their own new house floor plan may wonder where certain appliances will be installed. They like the idea of a first-floor laundry room instead of having to traipse up and down basement stairs, but what about the water heater, water softener and furnace? Often, these devices are all placed together in a relatively hidden area on the first floor. Heating contractor in Naples, FL can install the furnace in that area, satisfying homeowners who don’t want the utilitarian equipment visible to everyone who comes into the house.

This area might be a large closet-like structure off the laundry area, a big bathroom or even the kitchen. If it will house plumbing-related appliances, being close to plumbing pipes is important. Another option would be to have the water heater and softener in that room and the furnace in a different hidden room. Louvered doors are suitable for providing air flow, or a sealed door with an external air supply is another possibility. Some homeowners decide that having all these appliances in the laundry room is an ideal solution. Their guests generally don’t go into the laundry room anyway. However, even the most modern, efficient furnaces create a certain amount of noise, so people generally don’t want them right off the main living area or next to the bedrooms.

Heating contractors in Naples, FL can advise homeowners on the minimum clearance that must exist on all sides of the furnace. They won’t install the appliance in a space that is too small. Enough space to provide access to service and repair is essential. If the homeowners are interested in hiding the furnace in the laundry area with a room divider or screen, minimum clearance must be considered as well. Fabric dividers, such as an opaque curtain, are not acceptable for this purpose as they would constitute a potential fire hazard. People who are trying to make decisions about furnace location while developing a floor plan may contact a contractor such as Coolair Air Conditioning and Heating.

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