How Do You Know It’s Time for a Water Heater Repair in Rockford?

by | Feb 1, 2023 | HVAC

The home’s water heater has been in place for years. Lately, you wonder if it’s time to do something with it. Instead of assuming that it’s time to get a new one, why not have a professional check out the heater? You may learn that all it needs is a simple water heater repair in Rockford.

One sign that a repair is necessary has to do with energy consumption. While there’s still plenty of hot water, you notice that the utility bill has been creeping up lately. The rates are the same, but comparing bills indicates higher consumption rates. Assuming nothing else has changed, the culprit could be the water heater.

Maybe it does seem as if the hot water supply doesn’t last as long. For example, the shower begins to run a little colder just before you finish. The same is true when you wash dishes; the water is tepid by the time you finish rinsing everything. That could mean changing something like a heating element is in order.

Last, you notice small amounts of water around the heater’s base. This could mean serious issues with the tank, or it could mean some minor issues that won’t take long to repair. Only a professional will know for sure.

Rather than speculating, why not call a plumber who can handle any type of water heater repair in Rockford that’s needed? You may find that a quick repair will ensure the unit continues to provide excellent performance for several more years. For more information, please contact Pearson Plumbing & Heating today.

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