How to Keep Your Cool in California by Using a Portable AC Unit

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Portable Air Conditioners

Staying cool doesn’t have to mean a high electric bill or using a large air conditioning unit that might be too noisy or that takes up too much space. A small unit can be beneficial for living in a small home or apartment and can usually be placed anywhere you want to stay cool. Here are some benefits to this type of AC unit for your home.

Position Almost Anywhere

A small portable AC unit can usually be put just about anywhere in your home. This
makes it a beneficial appliance to have on hand for living in an apartment or for when you want to stay cool while inside a camper or an RV. You can also put the unit in a garage so that you stay cool while working on various projects. A portable unit is also an option to consider if you’re not allowed to have a window unit or if you’re not allowed to install central air in a rental home.

Friendly for Your Budget

If you have a window air conditioning unit or a central air system that is used in the summer months, then you might have a fairly high electric bill. A small portable AC unit can keep a room or two cool without using as much electricity. This means that you can stay comfortable without spending a lot of money. Most units have a thermostat on them as well so that it will turn off when the temperature reaches a certain degree, further saving you money since the unit won’t run all the time.

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