How to Maintain Gas Furnaces in New Haven IN

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating a home during the winter time will require a homeowner to keep their HVAC unit in good shape. The furnace is the part of the HVAC unit that produces heat, which is then transported through the vents by the fans. Just like any other part of the HVAC unit, eventually, the furnace will need repairs and maintenance. Getting the right work done on a furnace will require a homeowner to do some research to find the right professionals in their area.

Below are some of the things that will need to be done in order to keep gas Furnaces in New Haven IN running efficiently.

Ensuring the Right Air Flow

Among the most important things that has to be present for a furnace to work well is proper air flow. There are a variety of things that can compromise the air flow of an HVAC system. A homeowner will need to get familiar with where their HVAC air filters are and how to change them. By checking and changing the filters on a regular basis, a homeowner can avoid clogs that can reduce the amount of air flowing through their HVAC system. In order to get the right replacement filter, a homeowner will need to get the measurements off of their old one.

Getting the Furnace Ducts Inspected

Reducing the amount of heat wasted is usually a homeowners main concern. One of the most common sources of heating wastes is leaking furnace ducts. Usually, these ducts will be wrapped with specialized tape this is supposed to keep the hot air in the system. Over time, this tape will begin to wear out and will have to be replaced. As soon as a homeowner starts to notice that their ducts are leaking, they will need to call in professionals to help. The HVAC professionals will be able to rewrap the ducts and fix the leakage issues.

With the help of knowledgeable professionals, a homeowner will be able to keep their Furnaces in New Haven IN running efficiently. Choosing Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning is the best way for a homeowner to get the repair and maintenance they need. This company has the experience and manpower needed to fix any issues with a home’s HVAC unit.

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