Importance of Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Centerville OH

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

To maintain the smooth and continuous functioning of commercial refrigeration systems such as freezers, bottle cabinets, cold-rooms, ice machines, etc., it is necessary that they undergo regular maintenance services. These refrigeration systems need to expel heat through their condenser coils, and damage to this component will result in reduced efficiency.

Decrease in Lifespan

For this equipment to remain in good working condition, it is imperative that it is regularly cleaned and inspected for flaws. Failure to regularly maintain a commercial refrigeration unit will lead to an increase in the consumption of electrical energy and a decrease in the lifespan of the equipment.

Consumes More Energy

Poorly maintained refrigerating units are less efficient and consume more energy than those that undergo regular maintenance. This results in increased energy bills for the property owner. The following procedures should be carried out when undertaking Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance in Centerville OH.

Inspection of the Unit Coil

Thoroughly check and inspect the unit coil of the refrigeration equipment for dirt or debris that may block its vent. Also, make sure that the coil receives sufficient air flow to prevent excessive heating up. The motor blade of the fan should be checked to make sure that it is spinning in the right direction. If the fan is correctly working, there should be no vibration or noise.

Inspection of the Door Seals and Gaskets

A routine inspection of the four sides of the door seals and gaskets should be undertaken. This is done to detect any tears, rips, holes or other forms of damage. If the seal is loose, it will permit cooled air to escape thereby resulting in loss of cooling efficiency. To prevent this, ensure that all seals are in place.

Check the Drain Line Outlets

The drain line is usually located at the back of the refrigerating unit. Clean out the dirt and debris in the drain line and ensure that there is no blockage. Test the effectiveness of the drain by pouring water into the line. If there is any blockage, the water will float out the materials causing the blockage.

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