Keep the Home Comfortable With Residential AC Installation in Loughman FL

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Most property owners give very little thought to their comfort systems, but these appliances require specific treatment to ensure they will last. Sadly, the lack of maintenance can result in serious damages and the need for a new residential AC installation in Loughman FL. For instance, when the condenser system is run with a low refrigerant level it can cause the condenser to overheat and lock up. This usually requires the unit to be replaced because the cost of a replacement condenser doesn’t balance out properly. One reason this may happen is that older appliances use a different refrigerant than newer ones, and the replacement parts are becoming more expensive.

When the time comes to consider a Residential AC Installation in Loughman FL, the contractor will need to make some calculations. For example, they need to know the total size of the home, any possible sources of heat and the number of people expected to live there. This allows them to accurately calculate the amount of heating and cooling the home will require. Surprisingly, some contractors will simply select a size based on the square footage of the building, but this can be misleading. Other considerations such as attached garages or finished attics can affect the amount of treated air that the home will require.

There are various kinds of air conditioners that the property owner can choose from. The most common is the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. The HVAC is a combined unit for both heating and cooling with a central control. Alternately, the use of a split or ductless appliance may be the better choice. Split systems deliver the treated air through area based supply units. That is, each area or zone will have a small delivery unit that is mounted on the wall. The unit is supplied with refrigerant from an external condenser by pipes run through the wall. Like the HVAC, the split system can be used for both heating and cooling the building.

Alternately, the use of a heat pump can bring comfort into the home. Heat pumps also use a refrigerant, but they only require a small amount. Heat pumps are very efficient at collecting heat and this help to reduce energy usage. However, the typical heat pump will still require some method for delivery such as air ducts. Get more information from the experts at Watts AC.

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