Things To Check Before Calling For A/C Service

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Air Conditioning Contractors

An improperly functioning air conditioning unit is rarely something new. Like so many little conveniences that seem to be built on the basis of magic to the average layperson, when something hits a snag in the system and your home gets too hot – or too cold – you may feel the need to call a professional to get things back in working action.

Often, you don’t have to. Air conditioning units can stop working properly for a hundred different reasons, but generally speaking, there are a few little things you can easily check and verify yourself – and potentially even fix – before ever having to pick up the phone to call in a professional HVAC service like FCComfort.

So, let’s go through a little list to figure out what may or may not be wrong with your AC.

Check the Thermostat
Ever heard of Occam’s razor? The simplest answer is often the right one.  Sometimes, when your AC seems to be acting up, the problem could simply lie with your thermostat. There are several things that could be going wrong here. For one, your thermostat could be on the wrong setting. With that out of the picture, check the dial for obstructions – dirt, grime, or anything else that could interfere with the interface.

Thirdly, check the thermostat’s batteries. You should typically try and change your thermostat’s power source about once a year at least. Finally, sometimes, your system may just be taking time to adjust to your adjustments. To protect the circuitry and compressor, air conditioners come with a time delay lock so if you feel the urge to raise and lower the temperature quickly, you won’t break your AC.

Check the Filter
As per, filters are either reusable – and thus cleanable – or replaceable. The filter is a remarkably important part of an AC’s running capacity. As per ABC News, even a slightly dirty filter can up your utility bill by a tenth. Clean your filter once a month, perhaps right after you get your power bill.

If it isn’t the thermostat or the filter, then it may be your circuit breaker. Check your fuse box – if your circuit breaker has been tripped, reset it. Consider calling an electrician to look into the issue, however – circuit breakers aren’t tripped for nothing.

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