Keep Your Air Conditioner Operating Properly With AC Service in Wichita

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Air Conditioning

Treating the air in your home is one the largest consumers of household energy, but there are things that you can do to reduce this problem. For instance, AC Service in Wichita can reduce your utility bills by properly charging the system and ensuring that cool air flows freely. These services are generally provided when you have the system maintained every year. Charging the system is required whenever the AC refrigerant level is low. This is important because the refrigerant carries the lubricant for the compressor and a low refrigerant level could result in the condenser system overheating or breaking down sooner than expected.

One important part of regular AC service is cleaning the unit. There are a number of areas that the homeowner can’t easily access and one of them is the part of the evaporator coil that is facing inside the air exchange and away from the user. Cleaning is necessary because this coil sweats during temperature changes and this moisture interacts with dust and debris inside the airway. The result is a layer of gunk that accumulates on the coil and dries in place. This muck reduces the ability of the AC to cool properly because the coil can’t collect enough heat from the home. Lack of heat collection reduces the amount of coolness that the metal of the coil radiates which results in warmer air being distributed throughout the home. Cleaning is typically done by washing the coil in an acid bath.

Another crucial AC service in Wichita are the repairs that are required whenever the system fails. There are a number of reasons for your AC to stop working, but some common ones are a locked condenser or failing electronics. The condenser is under a lot of pressure because it must compress the refrigerant used to collect heat from the home. This compression creates a lot of heat in the condenser itself which slowly causes the unit to degrade. Unfortunately, the condenser system is one of the most expensive AC repairs available. Electronics fail for various reasons, but common problems include faults in the switching system and a worn thermostat. Both failures could leave you with an AC that doesn’t function or one that freezes up because it won’t shut off properly.

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