Replace Those Aging Comfort Appliances With Quality Furnaces in New Haven IN

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Springtime may seem like an odd time of year to think about heating appliances. However, it makes more sense when one realizes that most HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems are combination units with the furnace portion sitting beside the air handler. Replacing one portion of the system usually puts more load on older components and this could result in early failure and more costly repairs. Investing in replacement Furnaces in New Haven IN can help reduce the chance of summer AC failure because new equipment always functions better.

Two very important items to think about when considering a new furnace involve gas and oil burning units. These systems need to be properly shut down for the warmer months so that fuel isn’t used by pilot lights or leaking out of the system. The exhaust should be closed as well to avoid excess air loss and moisture in the appliance. This may not affect all comfort appliances and it usually requires an expert to know the routines required for these tasks.

No appliance can function for long without proper service and this is something the new buyer needs to consider when making a purchase. Some contractors will include basic service as part of the deal as an enticement to potential customers. Unfortunately, this may not be the same as actual service calls and it is important for the customer to understand exactly what they are getting. Service on Furnaces in New Haven IN should include cleaning the heating chamber and exhaust, testing the various switches and ensuring the appliance functions as designed. If the service technicians finish this task in just a few minutes, then they may have skipped a few steps.

One other thing to consider when replacing an older system is that other options are available. For example, the use of a heat pump can save the homeowner money on utility bills and it should be able to use existing air ducts for delivery of the treated air. Alternately, the use of a split or ductless system may help heat and cool the building and this could be the best choice for people with older installations. The use of a ductless delivery system will eliminate issues that are common with older air ducts such as mold and odors. Contact Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about replacing those worn out comfort appliances.

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