What Happens Now That the Air Conditioner in Derby KS is Replaced?

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

While the homeowner put it off as long as possible, the decision to call a contractor and arrange for the installation of a new Air Conditioner in Derby KS was finally reached. Now that the new unit is in place, what can the owner expect to happen next? Here are some examples of what will happen over the next few months.

The Power Bill Will Be Lower

The homeowner had no idea that the old air conditioner in Derby KS was wasting so much energy. Even allowing for the age and condition of the unit, the power bill this month came as a complete surprise. Finding that the new unit is much more energy efficient and will actually save money in the months and years to come is a bonus that the homeowner was not expecting.

The System is Quieter

Over time, the old unit did develop a number of creaks, snaps, and other assorted sounds. Since they came along incrementally, it was easier to adjust to them. Now that the new system is up and running, things seem much quieter around the house. Other than the barely detectable sound of the air emerging from the vents, it’s hard to tell when the unit is running and when it has cycled down.

The Controls are More User Friendly

It isn’t that the old unit was hard to adjust, but the controls for the new system are a vast improvement. Adjustments that used to require several steps can now be handled with two or three. As a bonus, the new system can be controlled remotely. That comes in especially handy when the owner is at work and can’t remember if the thermostat was adjusted before everyone left home that morning.

For any homeowner who is contemplating the selection of a new heating and air conditioning unit, Visit our website today and take a look at what the latest systems have to offer. Arrange for a contractor to visit the home and learn more about what features would provide the most benefits. With a little attention to detail and careful planning, the new unit will be in place in no time.

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