Staying Cool With Residential Air Conditioning in Venice While Saving Money on Electric Bills

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

People who live in places like Maine, Wisconsin and North Dakota may be accustomed to setting the central air temperature at 72 or 73 degrees and luxuriating in cool air-conditioned comfort. If they move to southwestern Florida, they may expect to do the same until they receive a rude awakening with the July or August electric bill. What temperature Should residential air conditioning in Venice be set at to keep everyone comfortable but not break the bank with utility charges?

Experts typically recommend that people set the air conditioning temperature at 76 degrees, and that holds true even in northern climates where the equipment doesn’t run nearly as often. Lower temperatures are viewed as wasting electricity and as essentially unnecessary for comfort. Instead of lowering the thermostat setting below 76, the home’s residents might use ceiling fans and floor fans for cooling breezes. They can realize that they’ll become used to a warmer indoor temperature, which makes sense considering they have decided to move to a relatively hot climate. Perhaps they might ask their new neighbors about the temperature they keep the central air at in the summertime.

The temperature for residential air conditioning in Venice can be set even a little higher than that when the home’s residents will be gone all day, or out of town for the weekend or longer. They won’t want to turn the central air off altogether and return to a house with an interior temperature of 86 or 88 degrees. However, it’s reasonable to set the thermostat at 78 or 80 when nobody is there to reap the benefits of cool air. Bringing the temperature back down to a co mfortable level will not require the system to work very hard at that level.

When the homeowners have a technician do the annual maintenance and inspection of the equipment, that’s an ideal time to ask any questions they have about the most efficient ways to operate the system. Technicians from a company such as Conditioned Air are very knowledgeable about the best strategies to stay comfortable while saving money on electric bills in the Florida heat. Get more information today.

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