Technicians Who Do Heating System Repair in Sarasota FL Work on Heat Pumps as Well as Furnaces

by | Jun 1, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Someone from a northern state who visits the Sarasota area during the winter may decide this is an ideal place to live. There’ll be no bitterly cold winters to deal with, and the beauty of the Gulf Coast is appealing. This individual may wonder whether people even have furnaces this far south. Perhaps they just turn on an electric space heater on chilly days. Before taking the plunge and moving, it’s important to become more informed on what winters in Sarasota actually are like. Homeowners there do commonly have furnaces or heat pumps that warm their homes, and occasionally, they may need heating system repair in Sarasota FL.

January typically is the coldest month of the year for North America. Sarasota stays relatively warm, especially when compared to northern states, but residents can expect nighttime temperatures to dip into the low 50s. Temperatures in the 40s are not uncommon during the winter. Just as in chillier climates, homeowners may heat the house with gas or propane furnaces or electric baseboards.

Heat pumps are a more efficient choice. These devices not only provide heat in winter, they cool the home during hot weather. People who live up north often are entirely unfamiliar with heat pumps since they are a more sensible choice in areas that don’t experience harsh winters. They are intended for climates that don’t routinely have temperatures reaching below 50 degrees, as effectively warming a house in colder weather is difficult for a heat pump. Technicians who install and repair gas furnaces in this region also typically have acquired training so they can do Heating System Repair in Sarasota FL on heat pumps too.

Someone who buys a Sarasota-area house with a furnace and central air conditioning system will probably not want to have the system replaced with a heat pump if it’s in good working order. When the time comes for a new installation, a new system can be considered. In the meantime, technicians from a company such as Arctic Air Services Inc. will do annual maintenance as scheduled and any repair work that becomes necessary. Check out Website for more details on this particular organization.

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