Tips On Maintaining Lennox Air Conditioners

by | Sep 4, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

An air conditioner in the heat of summer is a modern convenience almost everyone loves. However, an improperly-maintained central air conditioner can leave one without the blessed relief of cold air the unit brings. Here are some expert tips on how to best care for the Lennox Air Conditioners that bring such happiness to those who suffer from the high temperatures of the summer months.

First Steps

* Always shut off the power leading to the central air before attempting any sort of cleaning or maintenance.

* Go outside and remove the metal cover from the face of the condensing unit. Even though the blades are made of metal, they are still very fragile and easily bent, so be careful.

Second Steps

* Use a soft-brush vacuum to gently remove dirt and other debris from the blades. Homeowners are often surprised at the amount of debris that can accumulate on the blades, including such things as leaves, grass, and dirt. All of these things are more than capable of blocking airflow and reducing the efficiency of Lennox Air Conditioners.

* The fan may be unscrewed so that further cleaning may be done inside of the condenser. While the fan may not be completely removed, it can be moved aside slightly to get the job done.

* Screw the fan back into its original position and replace the metal cover on the outside condenser.

Third Steps

* Go inside and locate the evaporator for the central air conditioner. It is most often located next to the blower. The evaporator is cleaned using the same vacuuming technique used to clean the condenser.

Additional Tips

* Only attempt cleaning when the condenser is a minimum of 60 degrees.

* Most central air conditioners have small motors with lubrication points. Check the owner’s manual as to where these points are located. Once they are found, be sure to add a few drops of electric motor oil to them to avoid motor breakdown.

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