Signs of Trouble with a Heating Unit in Greeley CO

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When the temperatures drop outside, most people rely on the heating system in their home to keep them cozy and comfortable. Both residential and commercial buildings rely on the proper functioning of their Heating Unit in Greeley CO. In most cases, breakdowns don’t occur out of the blue; however, it is crucial for home and property owners to know the signs of an issue. This is the best way to stay ahead of a serious problem.

Reduced Heating Capacity

One of the most obvious signs of a problem with a Heating Unit in Greeley CO is if it is no longer heating properly. If a heater is turned on and it only blows cool air, then there may be an issue. In some cases, the problem may be minimal, such as clogged burners. However, in other situations, it could indicate a more serious problem, such as issues with the heat exchanger. This is why it is such a good idea to call the professionals for service at the first sign of a problem. They can ensure a small issue doesn’t have the opportunity to get worse.

Reduced Air Flow

In some cases, the heat levels may be fine, but the amount of air coming out of the vents is reduced. In most cases, this will come from one of two sources. There is something blocking the flow of the air, or the unit has reduced blowing power. In any case, these situations need to be inspected and fixed sooner, rather than later. As time passes, the condition is only going to get worse.

Increased Heating Costs

In some cases, the problem won’t be overtly obvious. However, it may still cause the heater to work harder than usual. This will most likely be shown by a spike in heating costs. If this happens, it is best to call for repairs right away.

If a home or business owner is worried about their heating system and how it is performing, they should contact the staff at Poudre Valley Air. Being informed of the issues is the best way to ensure they don’t get worse. Don’t hesitate to call since problems are just going to cost more to have repaired as time passes.

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