Tips To Make Hiring A Contractor For Residential Air Conditioner Service in Angola IN Easier

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

What a wonderful feeling to walk into a nice cold home after working in the yard all day or a long, hot drive home. On the other hand, what a sinking feeling it is when you walk through the door expecting that cold blast of relief and instead are greeted with a gust of warm, sticky air. Any number of things could have gone wrong with your residential air conditioner service in Angola IN; the key is finding out what exactly it was.

A professional air conditioner contractor can get to the bottom of the issue quickly and efficiently. However, before you get on the phone to the a/c contractor of choice, it’s best to have a bit of information on hand to give them a clue what to expect when they show up, and know what to do once you do get them on the phone.

 *      Know the make and model of your current residential air conditioner service in Angola IN and it’s work history. With a central a/c unit, look outside the home and find the model number on the exterior shell of the of the air conditioning unit. Note the serial number, too, if it’s available.

 *      Don’t just ask the contractor for references, actually follow up on the references. Ask the references what type of job they did for them, did they provide the services promised and did they come in as promised on the budget.

 *      Ask for a written itemized estimate, and don’t trust a telephone quote. While you have them on the phone, make an appointment for them to come out and inspect your premises, then give you a quote, in writing. While you’re surely hot and anxious to get the problem fixed. Compare estimates before taking on an offer.

 *      Choose someone who has been in business in the same area for a number of years. While it’s true everyone has to start out somewhere, let them get their experience under the tutelage of someone else. You want someone who’s proven themselves reliable, insured and able to service all makes and models.

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