Types of Residential Air Conditioning in Fort Collins, CO

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Summer is inevitable, and putting off the installation of air conditioning will only make you suffer more when the heat wave rolls around. In order to take a bit of the dread off your shoulders, you should know the best type of residential air conditioning for your situation. There are many types of potentially money-saving opportunities when you look beyond the standard wall unit.

Portable Air Conditioners

We all know about portable heaters for homes that can’t afford oil, but why would someone choose to buy a portable over any type of unit? Typically, a portable residential air conditioning unit is doubled up with another cooling unit. For rooms that just can’t cool down well because they’re in direct sunlight all day, adding an extra energy saving source like a portable air conditioner will take the edge off.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air is one of the primary types of residential air conditioning in Fort Collins, CO. Since there are many reliable companies that can properly size a central air conditioning unit, dehumidifying and cooling homes has never been easier. If the unit is not sized in accordance with the size of the home, the unit may not work at all, even if it’s larger. Larger doesn’t mean you will get more cooling; it means that the unit may not function properly.

There are other types of ductless central air conditioning units that are meant for commercial uses, but technically, central air is a split type of air conditioning. While there are two units involved, the evaporative and the condensing, the size of the unit can be tailored to residences. Visit website for more details.

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