Using A Plumbing Service in Baltimore MD To Unclog A Drain

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Plumbing

When someone has a clogged drain within their home, they will want to take a few steps in trying to remove the obstruction so water goes through the pipes properly. There are a few tricks one can use to unclog a drain on their own. If these do not work, they can call a Plumbing Service in Baltimore MD to get the water moving once again.

First, the homeowner can try using a plunger to jostle the obstruction out of the way of the water flow. The plunger is used in the same manner as when unclogging a toilet. The flange is placed over the drain and the person uses an up and down pumping motion while keeping the plunger in place. When they break the seal, the water may go down the drain if the obstruction was moved in the process.

Using a plumber’s snake can also be beneficial in moving an obstruction. The tip of the tool is placed into the drain. The person should unwind the tool. The wire portion will snake its way through the piping system, poking the obstruction out of the way in the process. When the metal portion is wound back on to the tool, the water may go down the drain easily.

The P-trap pipe under a sink can be removed to get to the obstruction. This is done with a wrench. It is important to put a bucket underneath the pipe before removing it because the trapped water will spill out in the process. Afterward, use a long object to remove the obstruction.

It is not a good idea to use chemicals to remove a clog. This could alter the material in the person’s septic tank, leading to trouble pumping it to the leach field as a result. It could also break the septic pump. Instead, call a reliable plumbing service to tend to the task.

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