The Various Air Conditioning Parts in Honolulu

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Air Conditioning

If you are having air conditioner problems, you could always take your vehicle to a specialist who will deal with your issues for you. However, if you want to solve them yourself, you need the proper air conditioning parts. There are many different parts to an air conditioning system. The system works by compressing a coolant liquid. The compression causes it to heat up very hot. Then the hot liquid is transferred to an expansion chamber, where it is allowed to expand rapidly. That expansion sheds the heat and causes it to cool down very rapidly. Finally, the fan blows air over the cooled pipes, and that is how your air conditioner works.

Fan Problems

Fan problems are very common. Often, you will need to replace the fan belt to make these work more efficiently. The fan is connected to the engine by a belt that turns when the engine turns. As time goes on, it can lose its solid connection with the fan, which will cause it to slip and stretch. You can often hear this when you start the engine; the belt will whine for a while until it heats up. Belts are very common air conditioning parts in Honolulu.

You can find belts and fans at Website. They will be able to help you find the right part for your needs.

Coolant Problems

Often, an air conditioning problem is simply a coolant leak. You’ll need to address why the coolant has leaked in the first place; however, if your vehicle is old, that’s often a sign that it’s simply evaporated over time. A company selling air conditioning parts will also be able to supply you with coolant to recharge your air conditioner. In a matter of minutes, your air conditioner will be back to keeping you cool even during the hottest weather.

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