Professional Air Conditioning Services in Naples, FL Help Customers Keep Energy Costs Lower

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning services in Naples, FL are important for keeping the equipment running efficiently and increasing its lifespan. Air conditioners in this part of the country get quite a workout since the region is semi-tropical and prone to hot, humid weather many months of the year. Running the AC most days of the year is bound to have an impact on the electric bill, and many people would be startled to learn some of the statistics that have been gathered regarding central air usage.

General Electricity Usage

Most electricity usage in homes throughout the country is spent on refrigeration, including both refrigerators and freezers. Homes that are heated primarily with electric baseboards, especially in cold regions, generally use more electricity for that purpose than anything else. This type of heating system is uncommon, however.

Air conditioning is another hefty part of the bill in areas with long stretches of very warm or hot weather. There, household residents are likely to spend more on air conditioning than on refrigeration.

Winter vs. Summer

People use more electricity during the winter than they do in the summer for certain equipment. In the winter, lights are on for more hours and people may run an electric oven more often than they would in the summer. Yet summer electric bills tend to be remarkably higher because of climate control factors. Keeping the central air equipment running at peak levels can be accomplished with the help of air conditioning services in Naples, FL.

Expert Insight

Energy experts recommend using ceiling fans and floor fans for cooling and raising the thermostat higher so central air isn’t used as much. Those fans typically cost about 25 percent less to run than central air does. The cool breezes from the fans help people feel comfortable even when they have the thermostat set at 78 or 80. This can save a substantial amount of money compared to running the AC at 74 or 72 degrees.

That’s another energy-saving device for people who stick with a regular schedule, as the temperature is automatically raised when everyone is gone to work for the day.

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