Why HVAC Maintenance in Plainfield, IL is Important

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Heating Contractor

One of the most important services you should use for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is maintenance. Maintenance is a set of preventative services that help keep your system running efficiently, extend its service life, and prevent certain repairs. HVAC maintenance in Plainfield, IL is a good investment in your system and in your home. The following will discuss why this service is so important.


Most HVAC systems consist of components that require some cleaning. For instance, the air ducts in a system that uses ducts to distribute cool or warm air through a structure. Air duct cleaning is part of a good preventative maintenance program since it promotes better indoor air quality. The evaporator and condenser coils can also get dirty which affects the efficiency of your system.


The components that connect your system so that it can provide you with effective heating and cooling need to be checked during a routine maintenance service. If anything is off during the inspection, the HVAC tech can make the appropriate adjustments as part of the maintenance service.


If your air conditioner is not cooling as it should, there may be a leak or at least a low level of refrigerant in your system. HVAC technicians can easily and quickly check the levels and recharge your system with little service interruption in your home or business. Checking the levels is part of preventative maintenance.


Other things HVAC technicians should check include the valves on a gas fueled device, the pilot light, check pipes for rust or corrosion for boilers, and your thermostat for problems. If they find a problem during their routine maintenance, it can be remedied without a major repair and it will prevent future problems.

These are a few of the elements of HVAC maintenance in Plainfield, IL that you can expect from your local HVAC contractor. If they find a serious repair need during maintenance, they can make recommendations about the repair or suggest an upgrade or replacement system when it is not worth repairing. One of the signs that a system needs to be replaced is frequent repairs to keep it running.

Modern Air Solutions Inc provides quality maintenance services for all your HVAC systems used in residential and commercial applications.

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