Causes of Foul Smelling Odors Coming From a Home’s Central Air Conditioning

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Air Conditioners

Usually, a homeowner will have a variety of warnings signs their HVAC unit is in need of repair. Noticing these signs and getting professional help is a vital part of reducing the amount of damage done to a unit. When trying to avoid repair issues with a home’s HVAC unit, a person will need to hire professionals to maintain it on a regular basis. While this maintenance will reduce issues significantly, there are a variety of problems that are unavoidable when it comes to home HVAC units. Below are some of the odors a homeowner may notice coming from their Central Air Conditioning and what they generally mean.

Constantly Smelling Smoke

When a homeowner starts to smell smoke coming from their HVAC unit, they will need to act quickly to get the issues they are facing fixed. In most cases, smelling smoke coming through the vents of an HVAC unit is caused by internal issues with the unit. Whether it is a wire short or the blower motor burning up, delaying in a situation like this can make matters much worse. The HVAC professionals hired will be able to find and fix the defective parts of the home’s unit with ease.

A Damp and Musty Smell

If a homeowner starts to detect a damp and musty smell coming from their HVAC vents, they may have blockage issues. When the drainage tube of an HVAC unit is clogged, it will prevent water from making its way out of the ductwork. If this issue is left unattended for long periods of time, it may lead to mold. Getting the drain unclogged and back in good working order is easy when using the right professional. A professional will be able to either fix the existing tube or replace it if needed.

Addressing Central Air Conditioning early will help to reduce the amount of stress a homeowner has to deal with. Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling has been in the Heating and Cooling business for many years and will be able to get repairs like this done in a hurry. Give them call for more information on what they can do.

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